When we closed our doors on March 14th, we didn’t anticipate the duration of our closure, nor the tremendous uncertainty that would follow for all of us.  While there are a lot of things we still don’t know, like when exactly we will open the gym again, we have learned a lot.

We’ve learned that our community is dedicated, adaptable and resilient.  The support we have received from all of you has been an incredible silver lining in this unusual time.  Thank you for the kind notes and encouragement you have sent our way.

Our amazing Advantage staff members have also been able to pivot to produce creative online content for both our recreational and team customers, making sure our kids can keep moving at home.  In fact, our new Advantage@home program has been so rewarding, it’s here to stay even when we are able to open the gym for in person classes.

Rest assured, we absolutely plan to be back in the gym this summer.  Based on the most recent guidance, we expect the gym will open sometime between mid-June and early July, though this is of course subject to change.  We will continue to follow the recommendations from our local health and governmental agencies to select an opening date that is both safe and in the best interest of our customers.

There is no doubt the gym will look different when we return.  When we get closer to reopening, we will provide more specific details, but we wanted to share a few of our plans with you now.

We are making upgrades in the gym to allow us to more easily implement anticipated safety guidelines.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Installing more hand sanitizing and cleaning stations throughout the gym.


  • Modifying the entrance and exit to our gym floor to allow more spacing.


  • Adapting our equipment layout to allow for proper distancing.


  • Installing a new video system that will enable parents to view classes and practices remotely while we have modified seating in our lobby.

In addition to the physical changes, we will implement several changes to our recreational and team schedule.

  • Recreational classes will have staggered start and end times to minimize congestion and will be at reduced capacity upon opening.


  • We will expand our weekend hours to allow us to serve more customers while maintaining a reduced schedule.


  • Team practice schedules will also be modified so that there are fewer kids in the gym at any given time.


  • There will be more space between all classes and practices in order to be able to conduct frequent sanitation protocols.


  • We will delay scheduling larger events, such as Kids Night Out and summer camps upon opening until distancing guidelines are further relaxed.


  • We will limit parental viewing of classes to 1 parent per child and encourage remote viewing for our team families.


  • We will have a strict health screening process in place for both customers and staff members.

These are just a few of the steps we are planning to take to be sure we can continue to offer the quality instruction we are known for, while still following all recommended safety protocols.  As guidance changes, we will continue to adapt.

To say we miss your kids is an understatement.  While our new normal will not be exactly the same as where we left off, we can’t wait to be back to doing what we love—coaching your kids!

As mentioned, we will provide many more details as our opening date approaches.  In the meantime, we will continue to plan for a successful and safe and return to gymnastics.

If you would like more details about our Advantage@home program, please see our most recent update here.