Indoor Playground (Currently unavailable)

Indoor Playground is a great way to entertain your active pre-schooler for an hour or two! Kids will enjoy plenty of room to roam in our 20,000 square foot facility. Highlights include multiple trampolines, a large loose foam pit and child-sized gymnastics equipment.

Please note, Indoor Playground may take place during times that there are classes or other events in the gym and access to all equipment is not guaranteed. Our friendly coaches will help direct you to the areas that are open for play at any given time.  Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Please watch our calendar and Facebook page for schedule updates.

Times: Temporarily on hiatus

Ages: Walking – 6 yrs

Tuition: $12 per session or 10 sessions for $100 with a pre-paid punch card.

Indoor Playground can also be used as a class make-up.

Apparel: Comfortable clothing. No socks or shoes.

Baby Gym (Currently unavailable)

Baby Gym is a free drop-in class. Parents or other caregivers will learn to guide their children through age-appropriate activities designed to stimulate and entertain their children. Babies will be able to explore different colors, textures and surfaces in a safe and inviting environment. Many parents tell us this is also a great opportunity to connect with other new moms or dads!

When children begin confidently walking, they are ready to transition to Tumble Tots. Please watch our calendar and Facebook page for updates to class schedules.

Times:  Temporarily on Hiatus

Ages: 4 mos – walking Length: 30 min/once a week Tuition: Free

Apparel: Comfortable clothes for both baby and parent. No socks or shoes for babies.

Tumble Tots (Currently unavailable)

Tumble Tots is class designed for parents and toddlers to explore the wonderful world of gymnastics. Our enthusiastic and friendly coaches will provide direction and guidance to engage your toddler in basic gymnastic skills on our child size apparatus. In addition to learning to climb, jump, roll, and run, this class will also help your toddler build important social skills, gain independence, and learn how to participate in a coach-lead gymnastics class. This is a drop-in class so there is no need to pre-register.

Ages: walking up to 3 yrs Length: 30 min/once a week

Tuition: $12 per class or 10 sessions for $100 with a pre-paid punch card.

Pre-qualifications: Must be walking

Apparel:  Comfortable clothes for toddler and parent.  No socks or shoes for tots. Parents should remove their shoes.

Open Gym (Currently unavailable)

Open Gym is open to all children 6-17 years old. Kids may work on gymnastics, Ninja or Big Air skills, bounce on our trampolines, or explore the available equipment in the gym. While there is no organized class structure, there are coaches available to provide assistance and supervision. Free play is allowed, but we reserve the right to limit any activities that are not safe or not appropriate for the space. All participants must have a signed waiver prior to participating.

Ages: 6 -17

Tuition: $15 per session or 10 sessions for $120 with a pre-paid punch card.

Open gym can an also be used as a class make-up.

There is no regularly scheduled open gym at this time.  We will have periodic open gym sessions throughout the year.  Please watch our Facebook page for updates.

Extra Gym (Currently unavailable)

Extra gym is more structured than our Open Gym. Students should attend if they would like to work on skills they are learning in class. There is no free-play or “run around time” during Extra Gym. Coaches are available to provide assistance and supervision, but this is not a structured event.

Times: Temporarily on Hiatus

Ages: 6-17

Tuition: $15 per session or 10 sessions for $120 with a pre-paid punch card.

Extra gym can also be used as a class make-up.

Adult Gym (Weekly registration required)

Adults wishing to improve their physical fitness or gymnastics skills will love this class. Whether you have an extensive background in gymnastics or no experience at all, you will feel right at home. Our experienced coaches will provide options for all levels. This is a drop-in class but at this time weekly registration is required.

Please check our calendar and Facebook page for occasional updates.

Times: Mondays  7:15-8:15 PM

Ages: 18 yrs+ Length: 55 min/once a week

Tuition: $15 per class. Discounted punch cards are available.

Apparel: Athletic clothes. Long hair must be pulled back.