Our Philosophy

It is always best to attend your regularly scheduled class when possible.  Students are most likely to make progress and enjoy classes when they are able to consistently attend each week.

Make-up credits are offered as a courtesy and are not guaranteed as they are based on availability and spaces are limited in all our classes and events.

Make-up Credits

Make-up credits are automatically applied to your account under the following circumstances.

  • Your child misses their weekly class.
  • If the gym has to cancel a regularly scheduled class due to variables such as snow, extreme weather conditions, or a power outage.
  • It is helpful, but not required, to notify the gym of planned absences by using your parent portal or by sending an email to the gym in advance.

Make-up credits are not applied in the following circumstances.

  • There are no make-up credits applied for planned gym closures unless specified.
  • There are no make-up credits applied for drop-ins, events, or camps.
  • There are no make-up credits for any pre-team classes or competitive team practices for any reason.
  • Make-up credits are not issued for gym closures if there are 4 other class opportunities in the calendar month.

Make-up credits expire 30 days from the date of issuance. Previous make-up credits earned will be grandfathered and continue to expire under the previous expiration date policies at that time but are subject to current redemption policies.

Redeeming Make-up Credits

  • Students must be currently enrolled in class to utilize make-up credits.
  • Make-up credits are limited to 1 redemption in a class per calendar month. The make-up credit can be used in an age and level appropriate class.
  • Remaining make-up credits can be used for drop-in classes, events, and camps.  (In some cases, the make-up credit may offset part of the cost.)
  • All make-up credits must be scheduled for a class on the same day the class is offered. All class make-up credits will need to be scheduled by contacting our office staff.
  • Make-up credits can be transferable to siblings for Indoor Playground only. 
  • Students must pay tuition to hold their space in class.  Make-up credits may not be used in place of tuition.
  • If a customer schedules a make-up class or other event using make-up credits, but does not attend, those credits will expire.  Additionally, if a customer is dropped due to non-payment on or after the 12th of the month, all existing make-up credits will expire.
  • Make-up credits must be utilized in the order they were issued.