Advantage Gymnastics provides gymnastics instruction to girls of all ages.

Beginning at 5 years old, our gymnastics classes are split between girls and boys so that we can focus on the appropriate events for each gymnast. Kids in our Girls classes will be introduced to all 4 events in Women’s Gymnastics. Kids who graduate from our preschool program or join Advantage without significant gymnastics experience will begin in our Novice class. From there, they will be promoted to Intermediate and Advanced classes when they achieve mastery of the skills for each level.

We also have developmental and pre-team options for those families who are considering competitive gymnastics.

Attire:  Gymnasts are encouraged to wear a leotard with or without shorts.  No attached skirts please.  Girls may also wear close-fitting athletic attire if preferred.  Long hair must be pulled back for class.

Girls Novice

This is the introductory level in our Girls Program. In this class girls are introduced to the basics in all 4 Women’s Olympic events. Our coaches will focus on developing strength, flexibility and coordination in a positive environment as your daughter begins her gymnastics education. Gymnasts will develop a basic understanding of some introductory movement patterns and will learn to master the fundamental gymnastics skills required to progress to the next level. Girls who have successfully completed this level will advance to our Intermediate class.

Ages: 5-15 yrs Length: 55 min/once a week

Pre-qualifications: Must be 5 years old

Girls Intermediate

Girls are invited to our Intermediate class when they have completed the skills required to advance from our Novice class. Our coaches will teach more challenging skills progressions while continuing to work on strength, flexibility and coordination. Girls who complete this level will be ready to move to Girls Advanced, or possibly transition to one of our pre-team programs.

Ages: 6-15 yrs  Length: 55 min/once a week

Pre-qualifications: Must have successfully completed Girls Novice or be invited by our coaches after a skills evaluation.

Girls Advanced

Girls who successfully complete the necessary skills in our Intermediate class will be invited to join our Advanced class. In this class, gymnasts will learn more complex skills on all 4 Women’s events, while increasing their strength and flexibility. This is the highest level in our Girls program. Girls who complete this level may be ready to move towards competition if desired or progress into other programs such as tumbling or high school gymnastics.

Ages: 7-12 yrs Length: 75 min/once a week

Pre-qualifications: Must have successfully completed Gym Girls Intermediate or be invited by our coaches after a skills evaluation.


This class is for pre-teen or teenage girls who would like to start with an introductory to gymnastics. Girls will explore all 4 Women’s events to find their strengths.

Ages: 10-15 Length: Varies

Pre-qualifications: Must be 10 years old

Girls Tumbling & Trampoline

Girls who enroll in this class will have a bit more freedom to enjoy and explore the combination of gymnastics and trampoline.  This is a great option for girls who want to pursue other sports and maintain their endurance and skills in gymnastics.

Ages: 7-9 Length: 60 min per session

Pre-qualifications: Must be 7 years old

Girls Teen Tumbling

This class is designed for anyone who would like to improve their tumbling skills.  It’s ideal of former competitive gymnasts who would like to maintain their skills or girls who wish to compete with their high school teams.  It’s also a great option for those who need tumbling skills for other sports, such as cheer or dance.

Ages: 13 yrs+ Length: 75 min per session

Pre-qualifications: Must be 13 years old